Specialty Water Filters

We offer the most reliable, effective and efficient non-electric water softeners, , water filtration, saltless water systems, drinking water systems and water filters available; we encourage you to compare us to other water treatment companies and options. We also encourage you to reach out to your local Kinetico water professional.

They will conduct a free water test so you can fully understand the water issues in your home, and they’ll recommend solutions tailored to your family, your home and your budget.

The first step in finding the system that’s right for your home is getting a free water analysis.

Arsenic Guard®

Arsenic Guard Product Image

Kinetico’s Arsenic Guard® system offers an effective, affordable, and dependable solution for homes with arsenic in their water supply.


Dechlorinator Product Image

Kinetico Dechlorinators provide chlorine-free water to every faucet in your home, while protecting your water softener from the harsh effects of chlorine.

Macrolite® Backwashing Filter

Micolite Backwashing Filter Product Image

Kinetico’s twin-tank Macrolite® Backwashing Filter uses a proprietary media to effectively filter water and reduce turbidity with virtually no required maintenance.


Neutralizer Product Image

Kinetico’s single-tank Neutralizer balances the pH of water to eliminate a metallic taste or prevent damage to plumbing caused by acidic water.

Powerline Pro

Powerline Pro

Protect appliances, fixtures, and clothing from iron staining, and eliminate the rotten-egg odor caused by hydrogen sulfide gas in your water with these electric, single-tank systems.

Scale Reduction System (SRS)

Scale Reduction System Product Image

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System (SRS) uses proven science, without salt, to help prevent scale buildup where it does the most harm.

Sulfur Guard™ Backwashing Filter

Sulfur Guard Backwashing Filter Product Image

Kinetico’s Sulfur Guard™ Backwashing Filter is an effective and easy solution for removing hydrogen sulfide (aka, sulfur) from water.

Whole-House Water Filtration System

Whole-House Water Filtration System Product System

Kinetico’s Whole-House Reverse Osmosis Membrane System is a saltless solution used to solve a variety of water problems throughout the home.

Whole House Ultra Violet Light System

whole house UltraViolet light system

Aon whole house UltraViolet light system kills harmful bacteria protecting your home and family.