About AON Water Technology

Returning to Alabama in 2002, our family found the quality of water lacking. Trying a number of store purchased water filtration products without success, we went looking for the best. As a Master Plumber and Mechanical Engineer I had the chance to evaluate a broad range of filtration devices. We finally came across the Kinetico brand. A trip to the factory in Newbury Ohio to meet the engineers and the folks who build the product convinced me that Kinetico had the best products on the market.

Personally living with Psoriasis for 30 plus years, having soft chlorine-free water is a must. Also as, our kids drinking water instead of soda is high on our family’s priorities. Kinetico meets all of these requirements with quality products built to last for years.

Aon Water Technology is an independent, authorized Kinetico dealer working with a broad range of water improvement systems. Let us show you the difference between water that comes from a tap and one from a Kinetico system. You will see through taste and touch the difference in water quality. If you’ve never compared, you owe it to yourself to at least see the difference through a Free Water Analysis.

-Randy Anderson, Owner