Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

The ultimate water experience.

For applications demanding consistent purity and top-notch quality, nothing beats a Kinetico commercial reverse osmosis system (RO). Conventional commercial water filters may not meet your standards, but upgrading to one of our commercial RO systems could be the solution your business needs. Whether you require impeccable water for medical purposes, exceptional drinking water for customers, or a competitive edge in your industry, Kinetico’s industrial-grade reverse osmosis systems are designed to meet your needs.

Our Reverse Osmosis units are not only compact, saving valuable space, but they can also be conveniently installed under a table or counter, beside dishwashers, or in any space where real estate is limited. They’re ideal for various applications including dishwashers, ice machines, autoclaves, car washes, pharmaceutical processes, boiler treatments, laboratories, humidifiers, process water, and much more.

Kinetico H-1500

The H-Series are simple, compact reverse osmosis systems sized for medium volume usage applications, including residential whole-home water treatment. An integrated blending valve and a TDS meter allow for precise TDS water profiles, and a recirculation valve makes it easy to adjust recovery rates.

NSC 120
Kinetico NSC 120

The NSC-Series reverse osmosis systems are ideal for low to medium volume applications where space is at a premium. The proprietary, encapsulated cartridges provide for easy, sanitary filter changes. An integrated blending valve and a TDS meter allow for precise TDS water profiles.

Kinetico ROAX

The ROAX Series combines rugged construction and high-volume output within a very small vertical footprint. Proprietary controller technology allows for easy start-up, automated maintenance notifications, and service diagnostics.

Kinetico S1400

The S-Series features proprietary controller technology for improved flexibility and ease of use when water reverse osmosis water is needed for medium to high volume usage and works best paired with bladder storage tanks, but can connect to an atmospheric tank.