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It’s Not Bottled, It’s Better!

Aon Water Technology is helping people get off the bottle…bottled water, that is!


Plastic water bottles may be convenient, but they’re a scourge on the environment. In fact, the amount of oil used annually to make plastic water bottles is enough to fuel 100,000 cars for a year. Kinetico Water Systems is dedicated to being a trusted, sustainable source for clean, drinking water. Water coolers eliminate plastic water bottles at home and in the workplace without sacrificing the purified water we all crave!


With a never-ending source of fresh drinking water, our point-of-use water dispenser needs only a touch of a button to dispense chilled and filtered, crystal-clear water, including the option of hot water at any time. Bottle-less water coolers quickly and easily provide a glass of water to employees, customers or visitors.

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