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Kinetico In Action

We've gathered several videos that easily explain any questions that you may have.


You might notice Dean Johnson of Hometime in the videos.  He's one of our spokespeople, and installs Kinetico systems in his own projects.


Below the videos, you'll find a portfolio of some of our installations.



Kinetico 4040sOD

Madison, AL


Our client in Madison, AL was becoming concerned with the scale buildup on his dishwasher and tankless gas water heater.  We concluded that the hard water in Madison was the culprit.  In order to the protect the home further, the client opted to remove the chlorine as well.  Instead of two separate systems, Kinetico offers the 4040sOD; a combination softener & dechlorinator.





Kinetico pH Neutralizer

Huntsville, AL


Our client derives his water from well outside his home, and recently noticed the laundry becoming dingy and clothes had an odor to them after washing.  After testing the water we concluded that the pH level was too low, and the client had acidic water.  We installed a Kinetico pH Neutralizer and brought his pH levels back up to where they should be.  Additionally we installed a 20micron prefilter to catch any debris coming from the well.













Kinetico 4040sOD - Outside Installation

Madison, AL


Houses built on a slab make for quick home construction, but also create a challenge when installing a water softener after construction is complete.

This enclosure is designed to protect the unit from the harsh effects of wind, rain, and cold weather.







Kinetico Q237

Guntersville, AL


Is space an issue? Not with this softener it isn't! Kinetico is one of the only manufacturers of a compact water softener.  This model Q237 is only 2 feet tall!








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