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Drinking Water Systems

 Water Softening

Saltless Water Systems

Systems specifically designed for drinking water are often used in the kitchen where people want the healthiest, best-tasting water for drinking and cooking.


Depending on the type used, they not only improve the taste but also can remove odors and other contaminants; such as fluoride, copper, and VOCs.


But bringing all the water in the home up to high-quality drinking water standards is unrealistic, expensive and quite frankly, unnecessary. That’s why most drinking water systems treat the water and dispense it from a specific tap or device.

"Hard water is found in 85% of all American homes." -U.S. Geological Survey. Exactly how hard your water is will vary depending on where you live.


Hard water is caused by groundwater dissolving and carrying away minerals, most often calcium, magnesium and iron, from rock.

Saltless water systems are a good alternative for those who need water treatment but prefer to avoid using salt or potassium.

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