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We're more than just residential...

You've probably enjoyed the benefits of a Kinetico water system and didn't even realize it.


Hotels, retirement communities, restaurants, educational facilities, HVAC systems, chemical research facilities, and even industrial plants are all clients of Kinetico systems.

Hospitality & Lodging

The hospitality industry has long realized the benefits of soft water for laundry and hot water treatment.


For Kinetico, that realization extends to the importance of specialized water treatment solutions customized for specific, wide-ranging applications. Our filters and softeners come in a variety of configurations designed to produce safe, clean drinking water and remove contaminants and hardness. This greatly improves overall water quality and protects expensive (and essential) boilers, laundry facilities and commercial kitchen appliances. To convert first-time guests into repeat customers and to safeguard your costly equipment, turn to Kinetico for the highest-quality water.

Food Service Industry & Restaurants

From serving up a freshly brewed pot of coffee to cleaning, water quality makes a big difference at every level of the food service industry.


Kinetico filters and softeners use the most advanced techniques in the industry to remove contaminants and hardness, improving overall water quality for food preparation while simultaneously protecting expensive boilers and commercial kitchen appliances. Our reverse osmosis systems are designed to produce safe, clean, crystal-clear drinking water while increasing energy efficiency and lowering water-related costs. From the farm to the table and every step in between, you can count on Kinetico to help you provide your customers with nothing but the best.

Assisted Living & Day Care

Assisted living and day care facilities rely on soft water to save money and improve service, quality, and comfort at every level of their operations.


Designed to provide complete water treatment solutions while increasing energy efficiency and lowering costs, Kinetico filters and softeners remove contaminants and hardness. This not only improves overall water quality but also protects expensive boilers, laundry facilities and kitchen appliances. And of course, Kinetico reverse osmosis systems produce safe, clean, crystal-clear drinking water, too—enabling you to provide only the best quality water to those who entrust their care to you.



Educational Institutions

Whether for heating and cooling or for laboratories, lunch rooms or showers, educational institutions are responsible for managing incredibly complex environments with a wide variety of needs.


Kinetico filters and softeners use industry-leading proprietary technology to remove contaminants and hardness as they occur, greatly improving overall water quality and protecting expensive equipment, facilities and appliances. And of course, Kinetico reverse osmosis systems produce safe, clean drinking water for faculty, staff and students alike. For comfort, for the safety of students and faculty, and for the preservation of all your costly equipment, you can count on Kinetico water systems to provide you with water of the highest quality.



HVAC & Boilers

From small, low-flow units serving individual rooms to large, centrally controlled systems serving multiple zones in a building (or several buildings), manufacturers have a lot to consider in putting together a comprehensive HVAC system.


Kinetico filters, softeners and reverse osmosis systems are compact and lightweight, making them ideally suited for use as integral components in boilers and humidifiers. Kinetico’s non-electric systems are the most reliable in the industry, providing higher water quality in more efficient, more cost-effective packages.

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